Other Projects

Here at Review-themes.com we love to work on other projects. Both in the affiliate, the webshop and the general information/entertainment website marked. Here you can see some of our passion projects that are being worked on at the moment.

MyDogGuide.com – A dog site that helps you pick the right dog breed

We are proud to be creating a site that looks great and is filled with useful information about small and large dog breeds. People keep picking dogs that they should not have. Often the dogs end up being sent back or simply live a bad life. My Dog Guide is all about helping people find the perfect dog. This will result in a happy relationship between the owners and dog.
Read more on mydogguide.com

FitnessGamesPro.com – A Clickbank guide site

This site is all about teaching trainers how to get their clients in shape in a new fun way without having a gym at their hands. The site has a high conversion rate and get most of it’s traffic from affiliates who promotes the site. If you are looking for a fitness book to promote be sure to sign up for our affiliate program though Clickbank.
Visit the site here fitnessprogames.com

MyInvitationBusiness.com – How to guide to start your own home business

This is the first product site. The site that started out whole adventure in the Internet business. The site was originally created by a Flippa seller under the name Wedding Invitation Business, but it turned out that the previous owner had created links using methods that Google no longer allows. After the Google penalty hit with set noindex on the old site and moved all the content to a new domain to start over. This will never be a big business site because the niche is so small, but the year by year is still making a nice little profit.
Visit the site here myinvitationbusiness.com

Spimash.com – The ultimate guides to life

This website is all about giving out great advice. All from lifehacks to diet. The plan with the site is to continue to add great long articles that will result in great longtail keyword rankings. Meaning tons of free organic traffic from Google and friends. The plan is to monetize the site with Google Adsense.
Visit the site here: spimash.com

ThemeClicks.com – Adsense wordpress themes

Theme Clicks is all about downloading a wordpress theme that will do very well with Google AdSense. There are a bunch of different themes that are available for purchase and you also have the option to download them all as a theme pack.
You can take a look at the website here: themeclicks.com

SearchCrash.com – The ultimate niche search engine

If you’re looking for a niche that is easy to dominate Search Crash is for you. The site has more than 10 million longtail search terms with stats. It is a great place to find inspiration for your next website. The site is 100% free to use. Later on we might add a paid version where the stats are easier to access.
Visit the site here: searchcrash.com

Travalike.com – Guides to traveling smarter

This website is about people sharing tips and reviews on how to travel the world the smartes way possible. The site has been set up with great buzz on social medias. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest gets auto post each time a new guide/review is added to the site. The site is open to guest bloggers who can write quality content.
Visit the site here: Travalike.com and the danish version here: Travalike.dk